Nightwatch v2.0-alpha is Released!

Nightwatch v2.0 is now in alpha and available in NPM.

Hey there,

This week we announced on Twitter the release of a major update for Nightwatch – the v2.0 in alpha.

The alpha version of Nightwatch v2 can be installed from NPM by running the following:

npm i nightwatch@alpha

Nightwatch v2 contains a wide range of new features and improvements for writing and running tests as well as full cross-browser testing support for W3C WebDriver compliant browsers.

The underlying architecture has been completely reworked to use the official selenium-webdriver Node.js library in communicating with the browser drivers. This means better cross-browser integration, more reliable DOM element command handling, and overall more stable and faster tests.

The goal of the alpha release is to gather some feedback, identify, and fix major bugs while at the same time finalize the new APIs and also update the documentation. So it's quite important that you let us know of any major issues encountered so we can make the upgrade from v1.x as smooth as possible. There are a few breaking changes that are mentioned at the end of this post, but they should be relatively small.

We'll also continue to issue patches and important fixes for the existing v1.7 version.

Here’s a list of the new features, improvements, and other changes in v2.0:

More info is available in this blog post or in the release notes on Github. Feel free to leave a comment about the release on the Github Discussions page.

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